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Language in the commercial contract with foreign partner

One of my Clients asks: “My company is a local company. We plan to sign a commercial contract with a foreign partner. Can we draft the contract in both English and Vietnamese? I heard from the accountant that the contract in both English and Vietnamese is not allowed as our company is a local company” I’m joking: “It’s fine, even when you add Lao language into that contract”  Vietnam has been deeply integrating into the world economy, with 13 free trade agreements signed. More and more Vietnamese businesses are doing business with foreign partners, and the parties usually agree that the contract is made in bilingual, including Vietnamese and another foreign language, most commonly English, followed by other languages such as Chinese (when the foreign partner is Chinese), and Japanese (when the foreign partner is Japanese), Korean (when the foreign partner is Korean)… In addition to a number of special cases, for which the contract must be in Vietnamese (in the field of technology tran